Jane Wilson-Howarth




The Magic Middle Finger

I love the setting of this story – it’s so sumptuously told. The sights, smells and sounds are vivid and evocative, it completely took me away while I was reading it.

Emily Talbot

Himalayan Hostages

Surfing a narrative as swift and treacherous as a Himalayan river, Alex and his brother James pursue their kidnapped parents into the jungles of southwest Nepal, bonding over very many very lucky escapes and a good dose of samosas, milky tea and practical jokes. An enjoyable, educational read for all ages, this beautifully illustrated eco-adventure is an authentic contemporary portrayal of and call to action for a country beset by ecological and moral challenges.

Rabi Thapa

Himalayan Kidnap

This is a gripping and fast-paced story, firmly rooted in reality. There are two boys, young, funny, vulnerable and scared. And there’s the exotic and alien environment of the Himalayas, rich with vividly enticing wildlife – but also full of danger. This adventure story dramatically explores how determination can turn into heroism.

Victor Watson, children's author

Himalayan Hideout

In this gripping sequel to ‘Himalayan Hostages’ we follow the adventures of two brothers searching for their kidnapped parents across the hills of Nepal. Vivid descriptions (and beautiful illustrations) of the wildlife and people they encounter bring this action-packed story to life.

The Reading Agency