Jane Wilson-Howarth




Himalayan Hostages

What makes this adventure story unique is the author's first hand and in depth knowledge of the flora and fauna of Nepal. The descriptions of both are so vivid that you feel you are really there, with the two brothers, Alex and James, as they desperately follow the trail of their kidnapped parents, facing life-threatening danger along the way.

Chasing the Tiger

A brilliant, gripping and informative book. Well worth the read.

Deri, aged 13

Snowfed Waters

Sonia arrives somewhat green in Nepal hoping to make a fresh start. Her travels in rural Nepal eventually take her up country on the trip of a lifetime. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Sonia, Rekraj and the others as they made their way to the mountains. This is a Nepal far from the tourist route which is captured vividly and it brought back many memories. Then disaster struck and kept me on the edge of my seat! Jane Wilson-Howarth writes knowledgeably and fluently about the country and its people. Altogether a most enjoyable read.

Douglas Harper

Himalayan Hideout

This book, not like many others, it starts by plunging you into an adventure, where you are instantly gripped. I really loved this book and read it in an afternoon.  It is not the children being kidnapped, but the adults. The children set off on a long fun, challenging adventure encountering lots of different animals with beautiful descriptions and illustrations. You feel as if you could walk up to them and greet them with their full name. The different personalities of the children really bring the story alive. There are two boys, the younger one thinks mainly of food and the older one tries to be clever but fails desperately over time because the girl out-smarts his thinking with her knowledge of Nepali culture. I think everyone would enjoy this book, even if you don’t have a particular interest in different animals. By the end, you will have a knowledge of more than just foxes and badgers.

Toma, aged 12