Jane Wilson-Howarth




Himalayan Kidnap

I read this book in one sitting finding it impossible to put it down.
This adventure story is set in Nepal with two boys as the main characters though there is also a no nonsense female character for whom the boys have great respect.. It is pacy and full of unforced information about the flora, fauna and culture in Nepal. As with James Bond the boys get into impossible situations and like him (thus far) they manage with ingenuity, luck and humour to extricate themselves.
Were I not retired from my position as a school librarian this book would be be heading for the library shelves. As it is, the grandchildren will benefit.


Snowfed Waters

An extraordinary book.
This book is one of those that is impossible to put down. Part travel, part adventure, the richness of vocabulary and the constant shift in perspective gripped my attention. It will appeal to a wide audience.

Jill Pauling

Chasing the Tiger

With amazing details Jane Wilson-Howarth takes readers on another adventure in Nepal with Alex and James. I couldn't stop reading 'til I found out the ending. An exciting read from start to finish!

Jan Milusich, children's author

The Magic Middle Finger

I love the setting of this story – it’s so sumptuously told. The sights, smells and sounds are vivid and evocative, it completely took me away while I was reading it.

Emily Talbot