Jane Wilson-Howarth



New Writing

Sunday 13 May 2018

The latest Wanderlust is out soon and look out for a new book that is launching this summer

It is mid-May and so the June issue of the lavishly illustrated Wanderlust magazine will be on the news-stands or plopping through your letterboxes soon.
My double page travel health feature for this the 187th edtiion is called TRAVEL HEALTH MYTHS BUSTED and discusses what precautions are worth spending time and emotional energy on and which aren't.
I can hardly believe I've written for all but two issues of this mag so getting on for 200,000 words or so.
Meanwhile another new piece of writing will become available pretty soon. Four friends and I have been working together on an anthology of travellers tales and if you click 50 Camels and She's Yours you'll see the cover and little more about it. The official launch will be on 20th September in Heffers bookshop, Cambridge. More details anon.