Jane Wilson-Howarth




Himalayan Hideout

This is another romping himalayan adventure. This time the boys end up in the high himalayas where they meet some beautiful wildlife, but also encounter a family of bears and even a snow leopard and many other rare beasts as they wander, lost, amongst the crags and deep into terrorist territory.

The Reading Agency

Himalayan Hostages

Surfing a narrative as swift and treacherous as a Himalayan river, Alex and his brother James pursue their kidnapped parents into the jungles of southwest Nepal, bonding over very many very lucky escapes and a good dose of samosas, milky tea and practical jokes. An enjoyable, educational read for all ages, this beautifully illustrated eco-adventure is an authentic contemporary portrayal of and call to action for a country beset by ecological and moral challenges.

Rabi Thapa

Himalayan Kidnap

I’m betting that no other book combines a story about Nepal with an eco-friendly message. Although the story is meant for early to mid-readers, this adult thoroughly enjoyed it. Right from the start, I felt that I got to know the two brothers on an intimate level – their dialogue makes you smile and pulls you into getting to know them well. The animals of Nepal play a role throughout the story … readers won’t even realize how much new knowledge about Nepal they are absorbing as they read. Toward the end, I found myself reading as fast as I could to find out what happened 

Patty Costello, children's author

The Magic Middle Finger

I love the setting of this story – it’s so sumptuously told. The sights, smells and sounds are vivid and evocative, it completely took me away while I was reading it.

Emily Talbot