Jane Wilson-Howarth




Himalayan Hideout

An enjoyable story; good fun, with a great pace, and the natural world woven into it without it being too obvious. Plus the author has a fantastic reading voice.

the audiobook

Himalayan Heist

This is an engaging and fast-paced drama which will appeal to adventurous older children/early teens. After surviving a plane crash in the high mountains of the Himalayas, Alex and James, along with their feisty friend Bim go in search of help. They find themselves fighting for their own survival and their fate becomes linked with that of the Snow Leopard, apex predator in the icy region, whose survival is also threatened by wildlife traffickers. A gripping and entertaining story unfolds, full of humour and suspense. And this being a book by an ecologist who also practised as a doctor in Nepal for many years, it's humming with a deep knowledge of the wildlife and habitats of the Himalayas, and the Nepali people and their culture.


Himalayan Kidnap

Himalayan kidnap is about teenage brothers, Alex and James, who are on a hazardous journey taking a package to their parents in Nepal. They later find out this package contains a ransom to free their parents from the Maoists, a group that opposes the Nepalese government. The book is gripping and the descriptions of the jungle and the wildlife they encounter make you feel that you are there too. On their way, they meet many people some of whom are helpful but they are unsure who they can trust. After avoiding various wild animals, they fall down an unclimbable hole and end up in a vast cave system. Will the squabbling siblings escape?
I thought that the book was extremely good, well-structured and fast moving. I enjoyed reading it so much that I found it hard to put down. I would recommend it for anyone who likes adventure books that don’t drag on, especially if they like wildlife too. It would be good to read to younger children and there are some excellent illustrations as well. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Deri C-H, aged 13

Himalayan Hostages

What makes this adventure story unique is the author's first hand and in depth knowledge of the flora and fauna of Nepal. The descriptions of both are so vivid that you feel you are really there, with the two brothers, Alex and James, as they desperately follow the trail of their kidnapped parents, facing life-threatening danger along the way.