Jane Wilson-Howarth




Himalayan Hostages

What makes this adventure story unique is the author's first hand and in depth knowledge of the flora and fauna of Nepal. The descriptions of both are so vivid that you feel you are really there, with the two brothers, Alex and James, as they desperately follow the trail of their kidnapped parents, facing life-threatening danger along the way.

The Magic Middle Finger

I love the setting of this story – it’s so sumptuously told. The sights, smells and sounds are vivid and evocative, it completely took me away while I was reading it.

Emily Talbot

Himalayan Kidnap

An action packed read. The story follows Alex and James' progress as they make their some time harrowing journey to find out what's happened to their parents. Chapter after chapter leaves you wondering if and how the two boys will make it. Alex and James are characters you'll want to root for. I can't wait to read the next book.

Chasing the Tiger

The second book in the series is a fun work of fiction layered upon a factual description of an exotic life in the Himalayan nation of Nepal, written by an author in residence there. The latest tale is a fast-paced and exciting adventure where the main characters encounter the local wild-life and cultures, with lovely line drawings of the animals interspersed in the text as amusing and interesting bonus material. Though aimed primarily at readers in the 8- to 12-year old age range, this book will bring pleasure to all who open it.