Jane Wilson-Howarth




Chasing the Tiger

In this gripping sequel to ‘Himalayan Kidnap’ we follow the adventures of two brothers searching for their kidnapped parents across the hills of Nepal. Vivid descriptions (and beautiful illustrations) of the wildlife and people they encounter bring this action-packed story to life.

Snowfed Waters

Following her own quietly gut-wrenching memoir, A Glimpse of Eternal Snows, Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth - Wanderlust's resident GP for the past 20 years - returns to Nepal in more fictional form for Snowfed Waters. Sonia is the downcast singleton-turned-charity worker whose richly drawn adventures in the Himalaya force her to rethink her low self-esteem. 

Wanderlust magazine

Himalayan Kidnap

"A great story full of adventure, excitement and surprises"
"I like your story because of the really fierce animals. I like the bit with the tiger!
"My favriot part was when the monkey weed on their head!"
"It is funny and a bit scary."
"I like the story line and it is easy to picture in your head."
"FANTASTIC. I really like the way you introduce new animals and tell us a bit about them. It's really interesting. It's so exciting too!"
"I liket the bit wen the muncey weed on them. It was funny."
"Sometimes the story made me jump and some times it sounded quite scary. And I sometimes looked forward to bits."
"It has lots of interesting words in it and sounds a bit scary."
"It is just so radical, dudet."
"VERY realistic and very exciting. My favirite part is how they cleverly escape from the king kobra. Your storie is brilleant.”
“It is a very good story Jane. I liked the king kobra and the bit wen the tiger comes and chasis them and they get separated so yeah it’s exsiting cool and really makes people tence.”

St Luke's Primary School, Cambridge

Himalayan Hostages

This is an exciting adventure (for readers over the age of eight features) two scruffy English boys and their fiesty no-nonsense Nepali friend Atti. The children have the huge challenge of rescuing the boys' parents from kidnappers and as they chase the grownups through the jungle, they encounter all kinds of dangerous animals - beautifully drawn by Betty Levene.