Jane Wilson-Howarth



New speaking dates

Thursday 06 Jan 2022

I've just agreed to give an illustrated talk to the London Globetrotters AND at a virtual literary festival 

At last, there are prospects for things beginning to open up again (woohoo!!) so I was delighted to be invited to speak to the Globetrotters in Covent Garden, London, and am booked to appear in person on Saturday 7th May 2022. I plan to talk about health work and wildlife encounters in Nepal. Fingers crossed that the pandemic doesn't intrude. 

Before that I'll be speaking at the 2022 Bal Sahitya Mahotsav Children's Literature festival in Kathmandu and as this is a virtual event this year nothing should stop it! It is the seventh such festival and will be a three-day event from 25th to 27th February. My subject is Himalayan Wildlife Adventures and I'll post more details as they emerge.