Jane Wilson-Howarth



Kidnap review

Saturday 10 Dec 2016

Review in Travelwise

Jane Wilson-Howarth is known... as the author of several books on travel health, all written with her own original and entertaining approach to the subject. Following her very moving memoir A Glimpse of Eternal Snows, she then branched out into fiction in 2014 with Snowfed Waters. Her latest publication is in the field of children’s fiction, with Himalayan Kidnap – the first Alex and James Eco Adventure in Nepal. 16 year old Alex and his 12 year old brother James are asked to take a mysterious package to their parents, who are engaged in animal research in the Nepalese jungle. They soon become involved in a dangerous journey involving betrayal, wild animals, avalanches, deep and dark caves and kidnap by Maoist insurgents, as well as help from many Nepalis, including their young friend Atti.
The story moves rapidly from one incident and escape to another, and is sure to hold the interest of young readers. Throughout the book Jane’s knowledge and love of Nepal, its people, its geography and its wildlife shine through the narrative, skilfully making it as informative as it is entertaining. The book includes a glossary of Nepali terms used in the text, as well as delightful illustrations by Betty Levene of many of the creatures encountered by Alex and James during their adventure.
Young readers given this book, whether in print format or as an ebook will devour it and will eagerly await the next of Alex and James’s adventures.